Hello, I am Derrick Treadwell.

As a User Experience Specialist I have designed and developed user experiences and user interfaces for web, mobile and desktop. For over 7 years I have worked in the digital marketing and multi-media spectrum developing solutions for such verticals as real money online gaming, computer systems security and financial institutions. I strive to create simple, elegant and efficient solutions to complex design problems through the use of digital and traditional mediums. Working with well established brands as well as many start-up companies I work to hone my skills to deliver lasting, scalable design that recognize existing trends as well as developing new and cutting edge solutions.

War Plans

I work to maximize the marketing efforts and increase ROI of my clients through objective and measurable KPI. I look to create applications and websites that transcend pure technology and affect the human psyche by creating synaptic sparks that can create connections in the human brain. I look to donate. I look to collaborate. I look to dominate. I look to create

My Weapons of Choice

Responsive Web Design

User Experience Design

The practical, experiential, affective, meaningful and valuable aspects of human–computer interaction and product ownership, it also includes a person’s perceptions of system aspects such as utility, ease of use and efficiency.

User experience design

User Interface design

The design of user interfaces for machines and software, such as computers, home appliances, mobile devices, and other electronic devices, with the focus on maximizing the user experience.



A early sample, model, or release of a product built to test a concept or process or to act as a thing to be replicated or learned from.A prototype is designed to test and trial a new design to enhance precision by system analysts and users.

InteractionD Design

Interaction Design

It is shaping digital things for people’s use",alternately defined as "the practice of designing interactive digital products, environments, systems, and services.

Wire Frames

Wire Frames

Known as a page schematic or screen blueprint, is a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of a website.[1]:166 Wireframes are created for the purpose of arranging elements to best accomplish a particular purpose.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture

The structural design of shared information environments; the art and science of organizing and labeling websites, intranets, online communities and software to support usability and find ability.



The discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data. Especially valuable in areas rich with recorded information, analytics relies on the simultaneous application of statistics, computer programming and operations research to quantify performance.


A/B Testing - Split Testing

A randomized experiment with two variants, A and B, which are the control and treatment in the controlled experiment. It is a form of statistical hypothesis testing with two variants leading to the technical term.

Skills Set

Years of experience
Satisfied Customers


Jan 2015


Macfarlane Group

UX Speciaist

Designed and developed web projects using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to create responsive, dynamic as well as platform agnostic web pages, microsite, and web sites while defineing, designing and refineing user interface and user experience for mobile and desktop applications.

Feb 2015



Lead designer UI/UX Designer

Produced GUI design for company’s flagship products as well as company websites while working closely with Development Team, programmers and User Experience team to accomplish projects.

Mar 2014

Feb 2015

Ultimate Gaming

Interative Designer

Produced print, web, video, and photo assets for first legal online gaming company and managed digital marketing assets for nation wide campaigns.

Jun 2012

Oct 2012

Holiday Systems International

Lead UI/UX Designer

Design the UI and UX for companies flaship virus protection software, I worked closely with stakeholders as well as the development team to make sure the build worked correctly and rebranded the software as well as created websites for the software

Jan 2012 2014

Jun 2012

International Software System Solutions Incorporated

UI/UX Associate Director

Designed booking engines for companies websites as well as designed all marketing materials that went out. Also rebranded all of there key products.

Mar 2011

Oct 2011

Virgen Advertising

Interactive Designer

Manged and produced all digital media for the agency, created and maintained there CRM network as well as built websites, emails and landing pages according to client specs.


Choctaw Senior High School

General Education

I attended Choctaw Senior High School in Fort Walton Beach, Florida and graduated with my High School Diploma

The Art Institue of Las Vegas

Web Desgin and Interactive Meda

I attended The Art Institue of Las Vegas and graduated with a B.S. In Interactive Media and Web Design.

My War Wounds
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Johnny Miguel, Creative Director

Derrick is a very talented designer and is great to work with. Not only is he an amazing designer, but he has ingenious web skills with an eye for detail. Derrick is very innovative and is always looking for new solutions and fresh ideas that can advance his knowledge to exceed his client’s expectations and goals. Derrick a fun person to work with, and is always helpful and insightful. He is a passionate designer and always seems to have great awareness of new creative strategies and technology, which makes him a great asset to any company


Joseph Haley, Art Director

Derrick is a highly skilled designer and developer, always seeking to do the ‘right’ thing and never batting an eye at additional (sometimes unreasonable) requests. He has a strong, strong work ethic and was a real gem on our team.”

Wanna know a little about me?

I am a artist
without illusion

Hello, I am Derrick Treadwell. This journey started with me as a child I leaned to play the piano then I picked up the guitar and joined my first band at 15 and painted, drew with chalk media, and developed motion graphics, so creativity is in my bones.

After 10 years of touring, recording [The Album "Know Thyself" written by me and our singer page, it is a 10 song EP], and traveling the I made a promise to myself, that if by 25 years old I wasn't financially stable I would go to college and get a job, and thus that is how this journey began. One night while eating dinner with my parents, we were trying to figure out what was my next move. My Stepfather suggested graphic design because I could still be creative though my band was no more, I had always created flyers, album covers and merchandise for my band and other local acts so it sounded legit. I went and checked it out and I saw that they offered web design and interactive media and I said, “That’s the future, I want to be part of that”.

So I Gradated with B.S.in Interactive Media and Web Designer from the Art Institute of Las Vegas where I learned the skills to do almost everything in the realm of digital media; video, photos, motion graphics, print, flash etc.. but after 2 long years one before I graduated and the second during first year out of school I realized I needed to master one thing and not just me ok at everything but true mastery of one form of art or design. Though I use other pieces of software when it is deemed necessary all are just tools to augment my designs.

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